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Songs for Every Singing School - KS1, KS2 Out of the Ark

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Songs for Every Singing School - Book & CD - revised 2015 edition.

Also available as Words on Screen (SSL-BCW2)

Songs For Every Singing School focuses on the experience of singing itself and features some of Mark and Helen Johnson's finest songs. This series has been revised with original & exciting music activities to use alongside the songs to open up the thematic content to the wider curriculum.

Including songs for Christmas, Easter, the summer term, harvest festival and much more besides, it highlights important days and annual events within the calendar, with songs like Pancakes, Turn Back The Clocks and Conkers!, and is ideal for primary school children of all ages.

With rounds, part-singing and different styles for children to enjoy, this fantastic range of school songs is ideal for singing in the classroom as well as assemblies.


  • If You Can Walk, You Can Dance
  • We're Here Again
  • Good Morning
  • It's Nearly Playtime
  • I Have A Song To Sing
  • Just Sing!
  • Sing A Round
  • Sing Anyway
  • New Day Blues
  • Sun Arise
  • Take A Major Scale
  • Take 5 Styles
  • School Is Nearly Over
  • Thank You Lord
  • We Are One