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Songs for Every Body - KS1, KS2 Out of the Ark

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Songs for Every Body - Mark & Helen Johnson - revised 2015 edition.

Also available as Words on screen edition (BOD-BCW2)

Songs for Every Body is an ideal book for helping to teach citizenship, SEAL and developing the healthy schools concept. This PSHE resource includes songs about the body, how to keep healthy, accept oneself and get along with others, with catchy melodies and positive lyrics to get everyone singing.

The series has been revised with original & exciting music activities to use alongside the songs to open up the thematic content to the wider curriculum.


  • The Tongue
  • What A Flexible Body!
  • Parts Of A Body
  • As One
  • What Goes In, Must Come Out
  • I'm OK!
  • Memories
  • Busy Body!
  • Love In My Heart
  • Clap Hands! Stamp Feet!
  • Let's Remember (To Be Grateful)
  • Why Worry?
  • Every Body
  • Praise To The One
  • Every Brand New Day