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Songs for Every Assembly - KS1, KS2 Out of the Ark

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Songs for Every Assembly - Mark & Helen Johnson - revised 2015 edition

Also available as Words on screen' edition (ASS-BCW2)

This hugely popular assembly songbook contains a selection of 15 lively & relevant songs, which are great fun to sing and ideal for primary school children of all ages. The series has been revised with original & exciting music activities to use alongside the songs to open up the thematic content to the wider curriculum.

With catchy tunes in a wide variety of styles, and positive, fun topics to get every day off to a great start, teachers can continue to use this assembly songbook as an invaluable resource from year to year.


  • Wake Up!
  • Together
  • We Like Joyful Music
  • Living And Learning
  • Everywhere Around Me
  • Song Of Blessing
  • Count Your Blessings
  • Sometimes I Wonder
  • The School Rule Song
  • Love The Lord Your God
  • He'll Be There
  • Wouldn't It Be Funny?
  • Give It All You've Got
  • Well Done
  • Today