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58057 The Singing Sack - KS1 & 2

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The Singing Sack: the 28 stories in this book each contain a simple song, which helps the narrative unfold and invites instant participation.

The CD contains all the songs, making a multi-cultural wealth of sounds, which is useful for storytelling.

Age range 5-11 years.

All Skin And Bone
Annancy, Puss And Ratta
The Blind Beggar
Bouki Dances The Kokioko
The Boy Who Lived With The Bears
Colin's Cattle
Did The Rum Do?
The Finger Lock
Gluskabi And The Wild Eagle
The Little Bird And The Raja
Little Cock Featherfrock
The Lion On The Path
The Lonely Mermaid
Mr Hawk And Mother Hen
The Night Troll
Nyangara The Python
Quilla Bung
The Raja's Secret
The Singing Sack
Spider The Drummer
The Strange Visitor
A Tale For Our Time
Toad And Donkey
Why The Grass Never Stops Growing