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060118975 Singing Sherlock 4 - KS2

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Singing Sherlock 4 follows on from, and builds on, the skills acquired in Singing Sherlock 2, but works equally well as a songbook in its own right.

Singing Sherlock 4 has four sections: 'Voice Gym & Tune-up'; unison songs; part songs & harmony & 'Sherlock in Concert' - a new section that focusses on performing in front of an audience.

CDs included

Section 1: Voice Gym & Tune-up
Grand Old Duke of York
Here Comes Sally
Sing a Little Song
Hoi Mache Peter
Changing Channels
All Warmed Up
Groovy Grandma

Section 2: Unison Singing
Listen to the River
Tramps' Paradise
A Hero called Me
The Wreck of the Amphitrite
Sporting World
Singing the Greens
Feel the Groove

Section 3: Vocal Harmony

Amani Utupe
Young Rider
Chocolate Dreams
Surf, Surfin' on the Internet
A World without Love
Night Riders

Section 4: Sherlock in Concert

Motorway Cones
Where Do We Go From Here?
Stage Fright
See Me
Don't Call Us
In the End