NDM-BCW Marvellous Maths Songs Words on Screen - EYFS, KS1 Out of the Ark

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NDM-BCW The Niki Davies Book of Marvellous Maths Songs - Words on Screen

Also available as Book & CD (NDM-BCD)

Marvellous Maths Songs have been specifically for 3 – 7 year olds and are fun to sing and easy to learn.

It is crammed with addition, subtraction, number bonds, symmetry, shapes and lots more! As you estimate how many grannies would fit in a telephone box; learn your 10x table by digging for pirate treasure; and march along with the even numbers, you’ll find that you learn essential maths skills without even trying!


  • One, Three, Five, Seven, Nine
  • We Are The Even Numbers
  • I'm A Super Sphere
  • Sixty Seconds
  • Double Trouble!
  • How Many Grannies?
  • An Elephant Is Heavy
  • One Add Nine, Nine Add One
  • Five, Ten, Fifteen, Twenty
  • Metre Worm
  • Spidery Legs
  • Big Round Clock
  • I'm Selling Snails
  • Click, Clack
  • Zero Bananas
  • Pirate Treasure
  • Robot
  • Which Shape Am I?
  • If I Take Two Away From Ten
  • Perfect Symmetry
  • PlaySharing
  • The First Stair