1450428 Red Hot Song Library - Ostinato KS2

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Red Hot Song Library - Ostinato. Book & CD.

Contains songs with additional rhythmic and melodic patterns which can be added in any order you like to produce a unique performance every time.

Play through the book or listen to the CD, which includes both practice and performance tracks, and you'll hear just why so many educational professionals embrace Sarah Watts' music with such enthusiasm.

After a storm
Are we there yet?
Buckingham fair
The Chicken Dance
Christmas Cacophony
If I were not upon the stage
La la lament!
Ladybird, Ladybird
Mrs White had a fright
Ostinato olympics!
Ostinato orchestra
A round of drinks
Sails on the hillside
A scary fairground ride
Sneaky Sid
There's a gnome called Fred
Up sprang the spring!
Well, fancy that!