0193368941 Popular Voiceworks 2 - KS3+, Choirs

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Popular Voiceworks 2 is a second collection of jazzy and popular songs in the highly practical Voiceworks format.

There are 28 songs from unison to 4-part harmony in a huge range of styles, and a complete rehearsal plan for each song, including warm-ups and guidance on vocal techniques for singing popular styles and beatboxing in included.

Comes with 2 CDs with performances of all the songs and backing tracks for most.

  • Ain't no stoppin' us now [McFadden & Whitehead]
  • Bang The Drum All Day [Rundgren, Todd]
  • Blues in B flat [Mulligan, Gerry]
  • City Lights [Milloy, Steve]
  • Contagious [Milloy, Steve]
  • Everybody Rejoice [Vandross, Luther]
  • Falling Slowly [Hansard, Glen] [Irglova, Markéta]
  • Feelin' Good [Simone, Nina]
  • Fight the Power [Isley Brothers, The]
  • Fly [Beale, Charles]
  • Goin' up the ladder [Milloy, Steve]
  • Gonna make a wish [Beale, Charles]
  • Good news, the chariot's comin' [Spiritual]
  • Guiding Light [Beale, Charles]
  • Hallow Brown [Anonymous]
  • Hard Times Come Again No More [Foster, Stephen]
  • Harvest Rain [Milloy, Steve]
  • Here's where I stand [Gore, Michael] [Ahrens, Lynn]
  • I'm Walkin' [Domino, Fats] [Bartholomew, Dave]
  • Joyful, joyful [Beethoven, Ludzig Van]
  • Ner Li [Samburski, D.]
  • Not when lights are low [Beale, Charles]
  • Retweet [Beale, Charles]
  • Scarborough Fair [Traditional]
  • Sing Love [Beale, Charles]
  • We shall not be moved [Traditional]
  • What they say [Milloy, Steve]
  • You Got It! [Milloy, Steve]