600C Think of Composing Poster Set- KS2

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600C Think of Composing set of 5 posters.

This bright and colourful set of 5 posters covers covers the main questions pupils should think about when beginning to compose. Designed to be displayed as a set, they cover the main areas of composition in 5 easy-to-understand steps. They are an invaluable reference for every child each time they begin composing by making them think of the important aspects:

  • Devices - the main compositional devices covered in easy to understand language - ostinato, riff, ground bass, drone, sequence and pedal
  • Elements - covers all the elements simply
  • Form - covers the following structures - binary, ternary, rondo,strophic and popular song form
  • Instruments - covers many world instruments and Celtic instruments
  • Mood - takes you through how to compose to a specific theme, using the material in the first 4 posters

1 x A1 poster and 4 x A2 posters