1472900210 Music Express 2014 - Year 5

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1472900210 Music Express 2014 9-10 - Year 5 . Book with 3 audio CDs and a CD-ROM containing all whiteboard displays, lesson plans, background information etc.

Providing up to date delivery of the new Music National Curriculum from September 2014, this new edition of Music Express offers 60 completely new units of work, which are fully supported by CDs and audio-embedded whiteboard displays.

As ever, Music Express 2014 presents an invaluable resource of great songs, stories, visuals, movies and music from across the world and across history. With new links to every subject and with lesson plans catering to all music curricula of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Music Express is relevant to all schools and all children.


  • Unit 1: Our Community
    Musical focus - Performance; Subject link - History
    The song 'Jerusalem' provides the basis for looking at changes through time. The children are given opportunities to compose and perform music inspired by their local community, both past & present.
  • Unit 2: Solar System
    Musical focus - Listening; Subject link - Science
    Embark on a musical journey through the solar system, exploring how our universe inspired composers including Claude Debussy, Gustav Holst & George Crumb. The children lean a song and compose pieces linked to space.
  • Unit 3: Life Cycles
    Musical focus - Structure; Subject link - PSHE
    Explore the human life cycle with music by Brahms, Berio, Liszt & Montiverdi. The wide variety of musical moods, styles & genres inspires singing, performing & composing using new techniques & structures.
  • Unit 4: Keeping Healthy
    Musical focus - Beat; Subject link - PE
    From body-popping and gospel-singing to swimming and cycling, the children are taken through their paces, and they put together an invigorating performance using new musical techniques.
  • Unit 5: At The Movies
    Musical focus - Composition; Subject link - English
    Explore music from the 1920s animated films to present-day movies. The children learn techniques for creating soundtracks and film scores and they compose their own movie music.
  • Unit 6: Celebration
    Musical focus - Performance; Subject link - English
    A lively celebration in song for the children to perform ar a class assembly, a school concert or fete. The celebratory, upbeat mood ill soon have the audience joining in.