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003CD Um-pah warm-up CD

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WON003CD Um-pah Warm-Up CD+ is for voices age 10+.

Contains 10 singing exercises, brain-teasing vocal games & tongue-twisters which are technically valuable, stimulating & great fun. Ideal for solo pre-audition warm-ups, whole cast or choral work. The singer listens to the exercises performed by professional vocalists, joins in when they're ready, then performs the vocals to the backing track when they've got the hang of it.

This product is a 'Compact Disc+' (CD Xtra). Put the CD+ in a CD player and play the music or put the same CD+ in a PC or Mac to print out the piano score and teaching notes if needed.

Track listing: Breathing - for breath control
Time For A Hum - for placing of sound
Hum To An Ah - placing of sound over a wider range
A Serious Bit Of Fun - breathing and tone
The Long Breath - more breathing and tone
Top of the World - arpeggios over a wide range
A Good Sing - vocal tone
Hallelujah! - diction
Phantom of the Opera - more diction
Um-pah Stick It Up Your Jumper - let's get physical.