BPBZ Beano pBuzz

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Beano PBuzz -The pBuzz is a great introduction to brass playing, using a proper mouthpiece and a moveable slide, but with a range of just 6 notes.

This fun version, finished in the traditional Dennis and Minnie black and red colours, features images of the terrible twosome from the world's longest running comic, plus Dennis’ faithful hound Gnasher along the slide.

The Beano pBuzz comes in attractive colourful packaging and also contains a sticker set so that children can customise their pBuzz with more Beano-inspired artwork.

Suitable for children of all ages - from as young as 3 or 4 years old - the pBuzz is easy to play and great fun. Length 55cm - 81cm.

****Discontinued line - only 1 remaining in stock****