LMPP12X KS2 Pitched Percussion Pack

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LMPP12X KS2 Pitched Percussion Package: a package of Sonor pitched percussion suitable for a KS2 First Access project - or just general classroom work.

There are enough instruments for 12 players without having to share and the diatonic instruments are all supplied with F# & Bb bars and the xylophones & metallophones have storage bags to keep the spare bars in.


1 x KSP30M1 Chime Bar set & 1 pair beaters
2 x NG11 diatonic alto glockenspiels & beaters
1 x MSGB Global Beat diatonic soprano metallophone & beaters
2 x NG31 chromatic glockenspiels & beaters
2 x SXGBF Global Beat diatonic soprano xylophone with fibreglass bars, & beaters
1 x MAGB Global Beat diatonic alto metallophone & beaters
2 x AXGBF Global Beat diatonic alto xylophone with fibreglass bars, & beaters
1 x GBXGBF Global Beat diatonic bass xylophone with fibreglass bars, & beaters