CNS1 Boomwhacker Chroma-notes Stick-on Labels

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CNS1 Boomwhacker Chroma-note stick-on labels.

The labels are in the Boomwhacker colours and you can put them on the corresponding keys of classroom instruments, Handchimes, Belleplates, Keyboards etc., so that Boomwhackers can easily be played with other instruments.

You don't have to have Boomwhackers - you can still use them on instruments!

The labels are removable and re-usable, with no residue and do not affect sound, but make playing Boomwhackers and classroom instruments together much simpler.

Package contents:

• 300 diatonic labels with letter names
• 100 diatonic labels without letter names
• 75 chromatic labels with sharp/flat names
• 25 chromatic labels without sharp/flat names