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Songs for Every Happy, Healthy School - KS1, KS2 Out of the Ark

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Songs for Every Happy, Healthy School - Mark & Helen Johnson - revised 2015 edition.

Available as a book & CD (HSL-BCD2) or 'words on screen' edition (HSL-BCW2), please select from dropdown and note there is a price difference.

Songs For Every Happy, Healthy School is a collection of 15 positive, thought-provoking songs that are huge fun to sing! Themes include happiness, freedom of choice, unity, co-operation, simplicity, kindness and gratitude, and the series has been revised with original & exciting music activities to use alongside the songs to open up the thematic content to the wider curriculum.

All the songs can be used to support SEAL, PHSE and value-based education, and they're ideal for assemblies, too.


  • We're In It Together
  • It's Good To Be Me!
  • A Song You'll Love To Know!
  • You Can Never Be Too Grateful
  • Don't Go Listening To Lies
  • Cause To Be Grateful
  • A Healthy Life
  • A Little Bit Of Kindness
  • These Simple Things
  • Happiness Is Not...
  • Thank You God
  • Our Father (The Lord's Prayer)
  • Put On A Smile
  • Change And Grow
  • Brighter Day Tomorrow