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Songs for Every Easter - KS1, KS2 Out of the Ark

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Songs for Every Easter - Mark & Helen Johnson - revised 2015 edition

Available as a book & CD (EAS-BCD2) or 'words on screen' edition (EAS-BCW2), please select from dropdown and note there is a price difference.

Songs For Every Easter covers stories from the Bible, as well as more secular and general spring-related topics such as new life, chocolates and Mother's Day, this collection of Easter songs is an invaluable resource that primary school teachers will continue to return to year after year.


  • Is A Wonderful Thing
  • The Seed Song
  • Spring Chicken
  • Hosanna
  • Easter Jubilation
  • Now Spring Is Here
  • The Chocolate Song
  • Don't Forget (Mothers' Day Song)
  • Mary's Song
  • When I Think About The Cross
  • Celebrate
  • Risen!
  • The Gift Of Life
  • Thank You For Loving Me
  • He's Alive!