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S!ng Together - KS1, KS2

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S!ng Together - Out of the Ark childrens' writers.

Available as a book & CD (SGT-BCD) or 'words on screen' edition (SGT-BCW), please select from dropdown and note there is a price difference.

From One Little voice to the idea that We’re Better Together, the S!ng Together songbook is a treasure trove of songs that cleverly combine the themes of unity, belonging, friendship and respect with the feel-good factor that only singing can bring. So gather your friends together, get stuck in and you’ll see that Life Is Just Like A Song!

Books in the S!ng series contain ideas and tips on how to get going, vocal warm-ups to prepare your voices and a mixture of songs featuring opportunities for rounds, harmonies and solo and group-singing. With a song chart giving all the vital information you'll need for each song, it's easy to choose an appropriate song for each occasion at a glance.


  • Sing Together
  • We're So Proud Of Our School
  • Join The Song
  • One Little Voice
  • We're Better Together
  • Everybody Sing!
  • Thank You For Our World
  • The Harmony Blues
  • The World Around Me
  • I Love To Sing!
  • Life Is Just Like A Song
  • Differences Make Us Unique
  • A Great Big Change
  • We Can Work Together
  • Make This World A Better Place
  • Sing A Song In Unison
  • United We Stand (Warm Up)
  • Ubuntu (Warm Up)
  • Warm The Brain (Warm Up)